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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cajun Prairie Habitat Preservation Society Spring Meeting 2006

Saturday, the Cajun Prairie Habitat Preservation Society (whew, that's a mouth full!) had their spring meeting and brown bag lunch (smelled like most of the members opted for Mathilda's BBQ -- yum!). During the meeting, Dr. Charles Allen stepped in for the current president, Sara Thames, and addressed some procedural issues before going into the subject of improvements for the Eunice prairie site, construction of an observation tower at the Duralde prairie, and an invitation to the society to view the native iris bed planted by Tyrone Foreman at L'Acadie Inn post-Hurricane Katrina.

Sounds like there will be some much needed new additions to the Eunice prairie site. The site, for those who are not familiar, is located on North MLK drive just northwest of the intersection with the Union Pacific railroad tracks. It is dedicated to preservation of many of our native plants and habitat from the "Cajun Prairie". With grants secured, the society is planning to add a parking area, walking trail through the prairie, and a sitting area. Also, Dr. Allen spoke of the need and desire to add a simple chain fence around the property that would better demark the bounds of the property. These improvements will add significantly to the attraction, since it is now only viewed from the roadside by most guests to the Eunice area.

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