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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hmmm.....what to write?

I had a beautiful page with pictures and everything last night and somehow deleted the whole thing. Oh well.... The weather here is nice mid to low 80's with no rain in sight. I'm beginning to eye the pool with longing. It's still a little chilly, but Lance has plans for solar panels to warm it in the winter and cool it in the summer. The children have already been swimming, and Camille can swim 2-3 feet (she's three years old). I understand that swimming is the best exercise, especially for us fat, pregnant women. Only 10 more weeks.... John, Sandy, Donna & Steve

Big Al went to his first fiddle lesson this morning, only it turned into piano instead. We're really enjoying the music as a family!

Mardi Gras was exceptional this year. We tried out a new run that was more of the true Cajun country Mardi Gras with no beads, but lots of fun.

Here are two pictures of Lance and I preparing.

The first is the "before" and the second is the "after".

Luckily for us, he has now gone back to clean- shaven. The children and I are now pleased to appear in public with a less furry counterpart!

Matthew, Heidi, and Alain are taking a standardized tests this week. There are many debates among homeschoolers and institutionalized schoolers alike regarding the validity of standardized testing. We have decided to follow state guidelines, that way if we ever decide to go back, we'll have a form of proof to show grade level.

We've only been homeschooling three years now, so are by no means professionals. If you have any ideas or books that you enjoyed with your homeschoolers, please feel free to share them. We're finishing up the fourth, second, and kindergarten grades this year.


Anonymous said...

Ah the warm! Up here in Appalachia its the nifty 50's and if you're lucky the cup of steamy coffee in your hand won't fog the windsheild after you scrape it. The trees are just popping out into flower and people sneezing like loons as a response.Right now everyone takes paper scraps, yarn ends and hair combings to put outside and leaves them with a gift of oiled seed or cracked corn for the racing birds hurrying to build nests. Next it will be the season for dinnerplate spiders, high water and the bats skimming back to live in the outbuilding roof. Spring fog, mud forsythia laying in great golden heaps, each of us has a spring. Having lived in Acadiana I love both the cool mornings and the smells of pine and water and here where a 'spring sweater' is not an oxymoron! Nice meeting you!

peggy said...

Matthew, Heidi and Alain - Good luck on your tests. I know you will do well. Oh, by the way, Lance you look much better without the beard!!!!!!!!!! Peggy